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But if you ever tell anyone, I could go to jail or be killed, for real, ok?" He nodded his head. "Really? Why?" "Well, because the world doesn't like an adult doing that with a kid. They call it child abuse, and they really hurt people and put them in jail for it," I said seriously. "For doing beegcom THAT?" he exclaimed, "how stupid! I will never tell, EVER." And then he got beeg.coom a bright idea kind of a look. sex beeg "Hey, can I see your sperm come out?" I rolled my eyes in my head. "Hey," he said, "I promised." "Yeah, but you would have beeg porno to do the same thing that I just did to you, only it might not take as tube beeg long as you did." "Why not?' he asked. "Because" I said, "I've had a stiffie ever since you first dropped your pants." "That gave you beeg milf a stiffie?" he chuckled. "Yup, darn right. Then your dick beeg mom being pumped like that made mine wish it could have beeg gesetz it too." We both laughed. "Ok," he said. 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"Can we wash your truck now?" he asked gleefully, beeh and www beeg com as he got up beeg xvideos we pulled up our beeg gesetz boxers and shorts, "I love helping you." "Well, Josh, I love helping you too!" and I winked at him. He beeg. com laughed and jumped up, wrapping his legs around my torso and laying his head on my shoulder. "Damn, Josh, I love you." He nodded his head, "You too" he replied, and he jumped down and dashed beeg hd out the front door to grab the hose first................. ********************* Anyone wishing comment can email me at jediplightaol. Hope you tube beeg liked it. THE EDUCATION OF JOSHUA Part Two It was Saturday morning, and I was trying to sleep in (which bee of course means something will happen so that you can't!) and I heard the knocking at beegcom the door. beeg teen Being a light sleeper, I heard the banging after about bang #2, and was already rising and walking when I heard Josh's voice. 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I'll ask my dad if I can go!" and off he went thru the house like a bullet and out the front door beeg anal , making more noise than when he came in. I was just finished with my beegs shower when my front door received it's second assault of the morning, again from my little buddy Josh. "Micahel! My dad says I can go! When are we going?" I said that I didn't know, I hadn't looked at the newspaper yet, and asked him to pull the paper apart and find the movies section. I left him to the task and went to blow dry my hair. "Ok, I found it. It's playing at the place down the street at 11:05. Let me see what time it is..... (pause) It's 9:15. How long do we have?" "About and hour and a half, which is perfect. I gotta eat breakfast beeg..com and then go to the ATM before we go to the movies anyway." "Ok" he said, "can I go with you to the ATM?" He came to the bathroom and put his head onto my bare stomach and gave me a hug. 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I decided that breakfast would be some toast with butter and peanut butter, and coffee, and a multi-vit, and thru the toast in for processing. beegxxx It hadn't even come up when Josh came beeg hindi thru the front door and appeared in the kitchen doorway. "It's ok!" I ate and Josh chattered about his soccer beeg sexxx team and how this and that happened, and I marveled at the beauty of this boy. He was 100% boy, blonde beeg 4k as they come, and cuter than most. And here he was telling me how his life was teen beeg going. Man, this is SO cool! I beeg sex puttered around the house listening to Josh talk about school, his friends, his toils at home, and even how he slept. It was pure bliss! The trip to the ATM was uneventful and fairly quiet, and we went to the theater right after that. On entering the specific theater, we were the first ones there and so took the best position about 1/4 of the way from the front, sorta off to the porn beeg left chairs. Even when the show started there were only 3 or beeg/ 4 other individuals or groups attending. I guess they www beeg didn't have beeg hd anyone to bang on their doors in the morning... The show was of course great and we laffed at all the same places. At one point Josh leaned over to his right and put his arm under and around mine kinda like a pillow, and put his head against my arm. SO cute! I positioned my arm for comfort, porno beeg which meant it either went out straight or rest my hand on anal beeg Josh's thigh. I chose the latter. beeg hairy I patted him on the thigh lightly and he hugged me tighter. He xnxx beeg took his left hand and put it on top of mine, and then moved my hand upwards, until it rested on top of beeg porche his boyish package. He immediately got a beeg.coom stiffie, as teen beeg did I. 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"So, what are we gonna do?" "Well, Josh, you don't have to do www.beeg..com anything at all you don't want to, Ok? I like you a lot and just milf beeg wanna make you beeg come feel really really really good." "Ok!" he giggled, "I want to, too! What are we gonna do?" "Well, for starters I am gonna keep my two promises....."+ "Which two?" he asked. "Number one, to make your penis feel beeh at least 5 x's as good as in the show, and two, you wanted to see my stuff come out." "Cool!" beeg moms and he nodded his head. He laid back on the bed and unbuttoned his shorts, and slid them off along with his boxers. He was already starting to harden up a bit just at the idea of getting stimulated. Within seconds he was fully erect and hard as a rock. I put my hands around to the small of his back, and placed my beeg. com head just above his knees. He spread his legs a little, and I kissed up one inner thigh all beegs the way to his balls. I then kissed all the way up the other thigh. 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"Hmmmmmm, Ok, Josh, how about this: you beeeg do xxx beeg what I did, and then when I get close I will let you know and mom beeg you can beeg lesbian just pump beeg porn videos me into a cloth. Would that be Ok?" He shook his head yes, and I asked again to make sure it was ok. He again nodded his head yes. I pulled my erect dick out and slid off my pants, too. milf beeg "Wow, you have a big one!" he beeg-com giggled. He grabbed it with both hands, and pumped it up and down, then he licked up the beeg movies sides and underside of my engorged member. Oh, this beeg hd wasn't gonna take any time at all! "Yeah, Josh, you are doing good." He winked at me, and if it free porn beeg were possible, beeg tubes it seemed like beeg..com he did an even better job. He massaged my balls, jacked me off while sucking, and went as deep as he could on the blowjob. I got close, and warned him that I was cumming pretty soon, and would let him know. He nodded. He reached around and put his index finger on my butthole, beeg.con and that did it. I beeg vids said, "NOW Josh, NOW," and he grabbed the cloth and put in around my dick, and masturbated me, up and down, up and down, eliciting beeg jepang www.beeg..com a beeg . few moans from me and lots of sperm, too. "Josh, truth now. Have you been practicing that? I am beeg.c serious, that was excellent. It is like you already knew what to do." "I don't know," Josh said, "I just remember what you did and what felt good, and I did that to you. So I did Ok?" "OK? OK?! Josh that was g-r-e-a-t. One of the beeg hot best beeg.com/ of my life. Seriously." "Really? I did it that good?" "Yup." He giggled, and beeg lesbian bounced up to beeg lesbian put his clothes on. I laid there беег and admired the the fact that there could be the beeg xxx ingenuity and coolness that we called young beeg come boys. "Thank you, Josh." He just smiled at me and winked, then moved over and put his head on my shoulder. "You're welcome," www.beeg.com he said dreamily. "Thank YOU too! I think it will still be tingling until......" He paused. beeg com. "Until the next time we do it?" I asked. "Yeah! Until the next time! Cool!" beeg coom and with that he was out the door, heading toward home. ************************** Anyone wishing to comment can email me at jediplightaol. Thanks! THE EDUCATION OF JOSHUA Part Three "Michael, can I ask you a question?" Josh eyed me carefully, sorta like he was gauging how I responded to his request, and what mood I was in at the time. "Josh, you can ask me any question about anything at anytime. It is ok. I will always answer your question as honestly as I can. So, what's your question?" "Well," he pondered, "I know some of the stuff that we do is like what gays beeg xnxx do. Does that mean that I am gay?" "Hmmmm. That's a very good question you are beeg hairy asking, Josh. I can tell you my opinion, how's that?" "Ok, yeah, that will be ok, I guess," he said. "OK. Well, just because you did what you did does not make you gay. Many boys do those things free beeg and then maybe, sometimes as they grow up they beeg movies decide that they want to do other stuff, like with beeg porn videos girls. beeg.com/ They aren't mad that they did the stuff earlier, it is just that they want to try the girl stuff too, and so maybe they do. free porn beeg Some like it beeg videos more, some like the boy stuff more. Each person has to beeg sexxn decide for themselves what they like and don't like. In the meantime, you do not have to do anything you don't want to do, Josh. For me, I just like making you feel that good, and I like it when beegxxx you make me feel that good, too." "I like it too, Michael!" he exclaimed. "Sometimes at night when I go to bed I think about what we did and I get a stiffie, and I play with it and pump it and try to get it to squirt its stuff again. But so far only what you did has made it tube beeg come out..." He smiled and then sorta chuckled out loud. "What's so funny?" I asked with a smile. "Um, well, it felt SO good that every time I think about it I get a stiffie all over again. Here, feel!" and wwwbeeg he thrust his swollen groin bulge toward me. beeg..com I dutifully placed my hand beeg sex video over his penis and balls, and sure enough he had a raging hard-on. I'll bet you beeg porche have one, too!" beeg 18 he blurted. "I might not have a few moments ago, but begg when I felt your weenie, it gave me a stiffie for sure." Josh beeg tubes obligingly placed his hand over my 6 1/2" bulge. He www.beeg.com began beeg gesetz to rub up and down and then started laffing. "What?" beeg.com/ I questioned. "I dunno," he said, "it is just that I like this a lot. How beeg video come it feels xxxbeeg so good?" I laffed too. "I think it feels so beeg sexxn good so that we keep doing it." We both cracked completely up. "But Josh" I said on a more serious note, "we can't just get together and rub each others dicks ALL the time, or else we will need bandages!" Again, we both cracked up at the mental image of both of us with our schlongs beeg-com wrapped up beeg black in gauze and band-aids. "I mean, Josh, you are cute, funny, fun to be with, fun to take to movies, fun to wash my truck with, I mean a LOT of things about your are cool, not only the idea that you will do that special stuff with me. беег I mean, of COURSE it feels good anal beeg and beeg indian beeg mature you do it REALLY good, but liking you is a lot more than just liking you because you like your dick being sucked and I like sucking it." "What?!" Josh pitched. "You mean you LIKE sucking my weenie? What if it squirts its stuff out?" "ESPECIALLY when it squirts, Josh, especially," I responded, "but that doesn't mean that every time I see you we need to take our clothes off or you undress so xxxbeeg I can get a hard-on. You know? I think you are totally cool, and THAT'S why I like you. The extra special stuff we do just makes it all the more better." "Yeah? Really? You like me anyway? Cool!" and beeg com. he nodded his head up and down in approval, smiling all the while. "Yeah, really." "Cool." And then just as xnxx beeg suddenly as we had beeg hot broached this subject, Josh changed channels and we were off into a different direction. "Hey, Michael, have you ever been to the zoo?" "Yeah, haven't beeq.com you? It is pretty neat. I like the monkeys, tigers, and seals the best." "No, I have never been there. Can beeg porno we go? Can we? I would love to see all those animals." "Well, bee it would have to be OK with your dad, but if you wanna ask him we can go maybe on next Saturday. How does that sound?" "It sounds great. I'll go ask him right now!" "Well, you guys beeg milf just ate dinner and it's been a long day, maybe you can ask your dad tomorrow when he's not tired." "Why?" "Well, sorta like just giving him a beeg porche break, you xxx beeg know? beeg mp4 I know beeg massage you wanna ask him and indian beeg all, and I definitely want to you to be able to go. But he just worked all day b eeg and made dinner, and probably he would like to not have to think about anything like planning stuff." "Hmmm. Ok. So beeg.com then I should maybe ask him tomorrow? Like....before dinner?" "Yeah, beeg vids that might be good," I said. beeg "Ok, I'll beeg hot ask him tomorrow. And give him a break." free beeg He smiled, like he had accomplished something. And, in beeg movies a way, I guess he had. It was SO cool to watch this young guy learn, about beeg. com anything. I absolutely beeg black loved it. It was about 7pm and just getting dark, and we laid back on the couch watching one of the evening's serial beeg xnxx comedies. Josh had his head on my arm and his far arm crossed over my www beeg stomach, in sort of a loose hug. The next thing I knew, he was out. I leaned over and kissed the top of his head. So darned cute, it was almost like a dream. I clicked the TV changer to "off" porn beeg and unrolled myself from my beeg free cute buddy. I went over xxx beeg and opened the front door and left the screen ajar, and came back over to the couch and scooped up Josh. He was beeg xx so angelic! I kissed his forehead and softly said, "Josh, I really love you." Barely audible, but as certainly as life itself, Josh said in beeg moms xnxx beeg a dreamy, sleepy voice, "I love you too, Michael," and he smiled SO beautifully. I picked him up and carried him out the front door over to his house, tapping lightly on their front door. His younger brother came to the door and let me in. "Chris, beegs beeg sex who is it?" his dad called out from the back of the house. "Michael, bringing Josh home." I went to the boys' room and beeq.com laid Josh on his bed, said beeg 4k "hi" to one and site beeg.com beeg all and was on my way back to my house. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. free porn beeg It was unbelievable, almost, that these things beeg massage were beeg videos happening with Josh. On the cuteness note alone it was magnificent, on the beeg ass friendship note it was very rewarding being able to be a good buddy to this nice kid, and on the education note it was unparalleled being able to pass on little "pearls of wisdom" that Josh might be able to use in his life. I knew from experience that relationships based solely on sex were short-lived, and could end harshly or with ill-feelings, and this mom beeg was not something I wanted for Josh